About Sonia

So you want to know more about Sonia?


Hi it's Sonia here ...


Thank you for stopping by and wanting to know more about me and what I share on this blog.


So I guess you're here because you googled me, connected with me on Social Media, watched one of my videos or was recommended by someone I helped.


Well whatever reason you're here. Welcome and I'm so pleased to meet you.


The very first thing you should know about me is that my major goal is to have the freedom to be able to invest time in the people and things that matter most to me.


Here're my formula for that:




For many years now I've had a passion to learn as much as I can about personal development, productivity and marketing.


You may think that is a strange combination but it wasn't until I ventured into the world of entrerpreneurship that I realised that real freedom came from creating my own economy.


As a professional woman in my 50's, now more than any other time in my life I understand the importance of spending time with the people and the things that matter to me most.


If you are also a professional in the Autumn of your life maybe you've been thinking about what you'd love to be able to do if money and time were not an issue.


In my own entrepreneurial journey initially offline and now online I've struggled and I've had successes too.  In this blog I want to share some of my lessons so that you can leverage my knowledge to short cut your own journey.


So in this blog I'll be talking about:


  • Leadership
  • Productivity
  • Marketing


So now I want to know more about you and how I can help you.


If you want to keep up to date with what I'm doing online and the programmes I'm leveraging to create the freedom to be able to invest the time in the people and things that matter,  click here and subscribe. You'll be added to my newsletter and get regular updates, tips and offers.

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