How A Sunday Routine Can Set You Up For The Week

It is a Sunday morning and I've just finished my walk. If you've been following me you'll know this is part of daily morning ritual.

I've have the same ritual for weekdays and weekends.  I work a 9 to 5 job during the week so at the weekend I have more time to spend on my personal projects. I do more reading and have more time to write in the mornings.


I also love to listen to podcasts and this morning I listened to The Productive Woman podcast hosted by Laura McLelland. Interestingly in this episode she was talking about Sunday routines and mentioned the Sunday Basket. Now that has intrigued me and later today I'll check out just what that is.


It was participating in Rachel Baxter's Fired Up and Focused Challenge that I was first introduced to the idea of scheduling a CEO time on a Sunday evening. However, I never seemed able to implement this on a consistent basis.


Since then I've realised that by the evening I'm lacking in energy and I'm more productive earlier in the day.


Laura McLelland shared some great ideas about how to use Sunday to set yourself up for the rest of the week. I especially liked the idea of including my CEO time or review/week ahead as part of my Sunday morning ritual. I can see this working well because I'm much more alert in the morning. 


It is great to feel that I have my Sunday back to do more social/family type things. Years ago when I started my side project it felt that I didn't have any time off. 


Later today I'll be  meeting up with my daughter and my two grandchildren. I've also planned to go to the cinema with my partner after their visit. Oh gosh, I do love going to the pictures with a box full of pop corn.


Do check out the video. I even remove my sunglasses at one point.


Oh yes, do check out The Productive Woman Podcast.


I'm also part of Laura's Facebook group and I love the ideas that other productive women have been sharing with each other. You can also check out The Productive Woman Community here.


You can also find out more about the Sunday Basket here.

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