A Morning Ritual Is Your Best Time Investment

In today's video I'm continuing with my daily morning routine.


As you can see, I am out and about on my walk and it is raining,


but I wasn't put off. Do you hear that? Wow.


So this week I have been talking about my morning ritual and I recorded a video yesterday morning where I was sharing some tips about why it is that we find it difficult to sustain new habits.


If you watched that recording that I actually posted on Facebook, I don't actually say all that. I did record myself when something actually happened and I only got the first sort of minute and a half, but I still shared that.


Anyway, I've been implementing my morning ritual for the past five days, I've been tweaking ...


I've been working on it for a couple of weeks, but the last five days I've really kind of honed in on a particular ritual and I shared some aspects of that at the beginning of the week.


Now it's the weekend. It's Saturday, and so things are slightly different at the weekends for me, because during the week I have a full time job and on the weekend I have a bit more time.


My morning ritual in terms of the pre-ritual is the same really, except that I spend a bit more time reading on a Saturday and writing, because when I first get up in the morning I love to read and write.


My ritual includes, and I'm going to run through it again in case you forgot, is I wake up and my alarm clock is in my phone, is out of reach, so I actually have to get out of bed to turn it off. Go into the bathroom, brush my teeth, have a drink of water, then I read usually for about 10 minutes.


Actually, before I do that I put on my exercise clothes, and that's me set up to move into the sort of two really important parts of my morning ritual, which is reading and coming out for a walk.


During the week, my walk is just 10 minutes and my reading time is probably around 10 minutes, because that then allows me time to get ready and get into work, and guess what?


I have been getting into work much earlier than I was before I had this ritual, so there's definitely a lot of bonuses and I talked about some benefits that I had ... I think I talked about the benefits yesterday, but that probably wasn't recorded.


I mean, look, I've been getting to work earlier, and one of the things that I have ...


I have problems with my knees and my ankles, and I've been literally limping all week, and yesterday I didn't limp for the first time in weeks, so that was great.


I actually feel more energized during the week ... During the day I should say, so that's definitely been a benefit.


Today is Saturday. I've not gotten up later. I've not set my alarm later. I actually got to bed earlier, so that's another part of the ritual, is in order to get up early to fit in my morning ritual I really do need to get to bed by a certain time, and I've been doing that. Yesterday I did that and it was fantastic.


I actually woke up about 15 minutes before my alarm this morning and went through my pre-morning ritual. On a Saturday morning I love spending a good hour, up to two hours, just reading and writing, because it provides me with some ideas, things I might want to talk about, write about, et cetera.


I was doing that this morning. Now I actually knew from the weather forecast yesterday that there was likely to be storms today, and I must admit as I was sitting and writing I did look out the window and it was bright sunshine this morning.


Then it suddenly went dark and I heard a rumbling of thunder and I thought,


"Oh, let me see if I can get out and do my walk before the rain."


Because I was already dressed in my exercise clothes, so that was easy.


As I rushed out the door there were a few drops, so what I just did was I just opened my car, pulled out my brolly ...


As you can see I've got it here. As I started to walk the heavens opened as they say, and it literally poured and you would have gotten that at the beginning of this video.


I really just wanted to ...


Maybe this is about accountability,


but you know,

a morning ritual has been really working for me.


Yesterday I had a meeting with my manager at work and I shared with her the fact that I was putting my alarm clock away from me so that I have to get up to turn it off, which then I'm up, aren't I? So fantastic.


Just really sharing with you that a morning ritual, it can add so much. If you're looking at sort of trying to expand your time in some way, you're looking for more time, you want more time to do this, you want more time to do that, you're not going to get any more time because it's the same 24 hours in the day.


Actually a good way of looking at it is thinking in terms of minutes. 1,440 minutes in your day, and those are valuable. If you kind of focus on that and think about the best use of those 1,440 minutes, and for me my morning ritual, which is probably an hour in total during the week, because on the end of that is getting ready for work and getting into the car, that morning ritual, that hour has got to be the best investment in my time.


One of the things that's happened for me, and I won't plan on talking for more than 10 minutes here, is I have been struggling with creating content on a daily basis. I used to record a video every day and stick it in my blog, stick it on YouTube, et cetera, and I was really struggling to do that because I was so tired in the evenings I just did not feel like doing it.


Now what's happened is since I've been doing this morning ritual I have started recording a video like I'm doing now, and it is content. It's something that I can use. I'm talking about productivity, time management, like that's my thing, and so it's all relevant.


The morning is my high energy time as well, so it's just part of my morning ritual now. I've added that because it's kind of just part of my walk.


Yeah, so fantastic.


I'm going to finish my walk off and then I'm going to go back in because I've got a time block set. I've got a time block set for a couple of hours and I'm going to use that time, because it's a Saturday, to create some content, plan some stuff for the following week.


Okay, so I'm sticking to my tips and stuff on my blog over on soniamharris.com. I also have the free PDF over there, 9step.soniamharris.com (the link I say in the video is no longer working) I'm going to continue walking in this rain, and then back indoors, and I'll see you again.


Bye for now.


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