A successful Morning Ritual Is Dependant On Getting Enough Sleep

Asking the question why.

Why do we need sleep?

Why is sleep so important?  Maybe is a better question. And I'm asking that I guess because I've been working on this morning ritual and it seems quite natural to be thinking about sleep.


If I don't get enough sleep then that will play havoc on my ability to wake up early enough to implement my morning ritual. Now over the years I've had a sort of love hate relationship with sleep.


What's all that about? When you're a young person you feel that you do not need sleep. You go out partying late you get in the early hours of the morning. And what if you have a job?  I remember getting in really really late, getting only a few hours sleep. I'd get up for work the next morning and not think of it at all.


I guess it wasn't until I had my first child that I understood what it was like to be sleep deprived and that lasted for years. So I I definitely knew the value of sleep during those times.


In the video I share my own experience of the connection lack of sleep has with depression. How being struck down with viral meningitis 3 times in a period of 2 years left me with chronic fatigue.

When I started implementing my morning ritual I very quickly realised I had to look at my sleeping patterns too. 


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