How To Create a Snooze Proof Morning Ritual

How To Create A Snooze Proof Morning Ritual

Are you struggling to get stuff done in the morning and get out on time?


During the day you're feeling sluggish ...


Not really focused ...


Not organized!


Well, a couple of years ago I used to follow a morning ritual.


I was recovering from three attacks of viral meningitis

and it left me very weak and I wanted to get my energy up.


I wanted to lose some weight and so I had this morning ritual that included going for a walk,






and personal development.


I started a 100 day challenge and managed to go 100 days but ...


then I fell off the wagon.


So for the last several years I've been struggling to get back on track.


The problem?


I keep hitting that snooze button in the morning.

Don't snooze

My energy has been quite low and I've been harping back to that time ...


That morning ritual  did so much for me and I felt so alive and so energetic.


I got a lot done in the time I had.


I didn't have any more time but it felt like I had more time.


And so over the last couple of weeks I've been researching morning routines/rituals.


I have started to implement a morning ritual for myself that has got me outside again walking.


So if you've been struggling to create a morning ritual for yourself and ...


You're just not getting there.


I've got some quick tips that might help you.


Creating a Snooze Proof Morning Ritual Tip #1 Set Your Intention


It starts with making a decision to get up earlier in the morning to fit in a morning ritual.


You may need to get up 30 minutes earlier.

If it is important to you'll do it.

Get up.

Why 30 minutes?

It doesn't have to be 30 minutes but you'll probably need that time

to fit a new routine into your morning.


If 30 minutes is too much start with 15 minutes.


Creating a Snooze Proof Morning Ritual Tip #2 Get to bed early the night before


If you're going to get up earlier you need to get to bed earlier.


This isn't about depriving you of sleep that you need.


So if you've set your intention to get up earlier you must set the same intention

to get to bed earlier.


If you're going to get up 30 minute earlier ...


Get to bed 30 minutes earlier.


This is the hard bit.


I know because this is what I've struggled with.


Just commit to it and do it.


In a forthcoming blog post I will share some tips on making this easier for you.


Creating a Snooze Proof Morning Ritual Tip #3 Put Your Alarm Clock Out of Arm's Reach

put your alarm clock out of reach

Put your alarm clock out of arm's reach.


If it's your smart phone or any other electronic device put that out of reach.


That's right!


When your alarm clock is within arms reach ...


Guess what?


Yes it is far too easy to reach out and hit the snooze button.




This is all about creating a snooze proof morning ritual.


You have more chance of success if you get up out of bed.


When your alarm clock is out of arm's reach you have to get out of bed.


Yes, you have to get out of bed to switch it off.


I know you could just walk back over to your bed and get back in.


But ...


If you've made a commitment to get out of bed earlier this will help.


Walking will help you to start waking up.


Creating a Snooze Proof Morning Ritual Tip #4 Brush Your Teeth


The next thing you need to do is once you wake up is to go straight

to the bathroom which I do anyway.


Go straight to the bathroom and brush your teeth.


So this is another strategy  to wake you up


Once you've brushed your teeth and you're definitely awake now ...


Drink a glass of water.


That's right down a glass of water.


Make sure it's a full glass.


You have been in bed for possibly seven hours and you are dehydrated.


So again, this is about waking you up as well as

hydrating you.


Creating a Snooze Proof Morning Ritual Tip #5 Put On Your Exercise Clothes


Then the next thing you do is to get on your exercise clothes.


It is best if you prepare this the night before.


I have mine at the bottom of my bed.


Get your exercise clothes on and then ...


you are ready to do whatever is next in your morning ritual.


It may be exercise it may not be.


Some kind of movement is good.


I love to walk.


I have some health issues so right now I'm walking for 10 minutes

and I'll be building that up slowly.


So from #1 to #5 I see this as a pre morning ritual.


It is all about not hitting that snooze button first thing and ...


getting me ready to move.


I've now been out.


I've done a 10 minute walk and then I'm going to be going back in

to complete the rest of my morning ritual.


I'm still working on my morning ritual as I learn more.


I'd love to know about your morning ritual.


Let me know if you're struggling to get one going too.


So I hope you got some value from this.


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