The Power of Priorities And Focusing On Your Most Important Task

Drawing from Kevin Kruse’s book 15 Secrets That Successful People Know about Time Management ... I was very interested in the idea of MIT which stands for Most Important Task.

The idea being that you focus on one thing. This reminded me of a book I recently read written by Gary Keller. In the book he stressed that in order to make the most progress you have to identify that one thing. Once identified that is what you focus on until it is done.

He believes that:

“Success is built sequentially. It’s one thing at a time.”

When I think about it when I’m totally focused on one thing and put all my time and energy into it I get a lot done.

Many people struggle with prioritising especially if they have a high demanding job. It is not unusual to hear someone say that everything is a priority. Gary says in his book that when everything feels urgent and important then everything seems equal.

When you are able to identify your most important task it makes how you schedule your day and make decisions much easier.

What is your most important goal?

It helps to take a step back and think about your values.

When you have clarity about your values it is easier to identify your goals. Think about goals you have in different areas of your life. For example if you may have in interest learning about different cultures and how people live in different parts of the world.

You may want to do this by spending periods of time in different countries. So when choosing a career you may decide on a job that allows you to travel. You may decide to rent rather than buy a home because you won’t want to be tied down by a mortgage.

Whatever your goal is what are the activities you need to do to take you closer to that goal?

Out of those activities what is the most important task?

Once you have identified the most important task this is what you schedule to do first as early as possible.

I choose to do my most important tasks in the mornings because that is when I have the most energy.

I’ve started using time blocks to focus on specific activities during my day. In the mornings I work on important and more cognitively demanding tasks. A time block is a period of time that I block out on my calendar. It is like making an appointment with myself.

Guard your time block in the same way you would an appointment with a client.

Referring to Gary Keller’s book again The One Thing, this is what has helped me when I’ve started to feel overwhelmed with work I have to do.

“What is the One Thing you can do this week such that by doing it everything else would be easier or unnecessary?”

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